5 Tips to Grow Healthy, Happy Succulents


How do I know if my succulent is happy?

Indicators of a healthy succulent are strong leaves, rich colors, and slow growth rate. Even though it may look like an issue, a succulent’s tendency to not expand rapidly is actually a good sign. Additionally, finding dried out leaves at the base of your succulent is also a sign of its health.

What does a stressed succulent look like?

“Stressing” a succulent is a beneficial process that encourages the plant to reveal its full range of colors. When a succulent is “well stressed,” it can take on a vibrant palette of red, orange, yellow, rose and purple. This transformation can occur naturally, but also requires skill and artistry.

Do succulents like to be touched?

Avoiding sun damage to your succulents is essential. Refrain from touching any of them that have a powdery coating as this coating is a protection from the sun and cannot be replaced if it is rubbed off, resulting in permanent damage to the plant’s health.

How do you help a struggling succulent?

Reword: – Take out any broken foliage and roots. Take the succulent out of its container and cut off any dead or shriveled leaves and roots. …
– Allow the Cut to Heal. …
– Put the Succulent in Water. …
– Repot in New Soil.

What does an overwatered succulent look like?

Overwatered succulents can have leaves that appear large, swollen, and transparent. These leaves may have a yellowish or light brown hue, but they appear as if you can look straight through them. These are dead leaves that will eventually fall off the stem and decompose.