Fittonia – Care Guide & Info

Fittonia is a small staying and colorful houseplant. The main reason people keep this houseplant is the pattern on the leaves. The most common Fittonia has a pattern of silver veins on a light green leaf. There are also varieties with pink, rose, white or green veins. You can read more about these different species… Continue reading Fittonia – Care Guide & Info

Ficus – Care Guide & info

Ficus has been very popular as a houseplant for years. Actually, it is not possible to talk about “the” Ficus: there are hundreds of species that vary in size, shape and color. In the natural habitat, there are species that can have a circumference of 100 meters. As a houseplant, we sometimes see a ficus… Continue reading Ficus – Care Guide & info

Clusia – Care Guide & Info

45 Gal - Clusia Rosea - Pitch Apple

The Clusia is a nice houseplant that, with the right care, can last a very long time. From infancy to a fully grown plant, she is a feast for the eyes. The Clusia branches regularly, even as a small plant, and is, therefore, an interesting houseplant to have. Her leaves are shiny, grow in pairs,… Continue reading Clusia – Care Guide & Info