China Doll Plant Leaves Turning Brown – Know(How to Solve)

China doll Plant Leaves Turning Brown

The China doll plant (Radermachera Sinica) is a gorgeous houseplant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors and has a great deal of heat tolerance. This subtropical plant, native to Taiwan and China, is well known for its green, finely divided leaves, which give it a more beautiful appearance. If given inconsistent care, a china doll plant’s leaves could turn brown or get sticky. For information on how to resolve this issue, read the instructions below.

Are the leaves on my china doll plant browning? If the entire leaf has been impacted, there are numerous causes. Other plants may need less water if the tips of their leaves become brown, but overwatering is one possible explanation for the browning of China Doll plant leaves. They require a sufficient amount of water when exposed to direct sunshine, but if you continually mist it or pour water on it without waiting for it to dry, root rot will eventually result. If the plant receives too much of anything, the leaves will simply show it. Always inspect the top 2 inches of the soil for moisture; only if it’s dry should water be applied.

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Other reasons:

If the roots are not receiving water, you may need to replant the plant in a different container or use a good, well-drained potting mix. Water can also be applied to the roots’ base.

Heavy root systems – This issue may arise if you frequently flood plants with water and the soil is unable to properly drain the water. To address this Reduce watering and trim any damaged roots, and the plant will heal itself.

China Doll Plant Sticky leaves

China Doll Plant Sticky leaves

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