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Is String of Nickels Toxic to Cats, Dogs?

Before I tell you that Dischidia nummularia is a common and unusual house plant that is extremely easy to care for, I want you to know that if you have a dog or cat, you might be intrigued to know what would happen if you accidentally eat a mouthful of those coin-shaped leaves. I’ll respond to this query below.

It is currently unknown if String of Nickels Toxic to Cats has any effect on pets or if it is poisonous. We refrain from making any claims until a study has been published on a government-based website or a research institute has conducted it because there is no study to support its toxicity.

Since the genus String of Nickels belongs to the Apocynaceae family, I should find some reliable resources because it was claimed that some species in this family are toxic to certain plants, including Cascabela, Nerium, and Thevetia. However, I was unable to locate any information about our plant, so its toxicity is still unknown.

Prevention from your side:

If you have a pet—a dog or a cat—make sure it can be utilized as a hanging plant in a floating basket on the balcony because neither a dog nor a cat can get up there. Although cats can jump, you can manage the cat if you pay close attention. By the way, you should teach your dog or cat not to leap in inappropriate places, or just refrain from opening doors for animals where you have a string of nickels.

Anyone who has ingested a pet should call Pet Care right once for assistance.

By the way, here is the String of Nickels Guide if you need to learn about its care instructions.

There are no problems with propagating this plant because it has a simple process.

Many people who ordered this plant encounter issues like how it appears drooping or how it starts to fall when it arrives. However, with correct care—such as timely watering and part-light exposure—it is possible to turn its drab color to a vibrant green and improve its health. Just read our care manual.

The plant known as “strings of coins” resembles this one in appearance, and the two even share the same care instructions. Also, when purchasing this plant, make sure you didn’t purchase the variegated variety. I’ve heard people complain that the plant doesn’t have the dark green color they were expecting, but upon checking, I discovered that they had actually purchased a different variety. Don’t worry; with proper care, the plant will develop a long stem vine that hangs downward from the floating basket.

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Wrap up

Hope you obtain an answer to your question about “String of nickels hazardous to cats.” I’ll update this post on its toxicity as soon as there is a new development. Check the links below to read more stories on plants.

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