Jade Plant Leaves Falling off – 9 Reasons and Solution

Jade Plant Leaves Falling off – 9 Reasons and Solution

If you’re wondering why your jade plant’s leaves are suddenly dropping off or falling off altogether, let me first inform you that this plant is gorgeous and that some people consider it to be a lucky plant. It resembles a miniature tree that would look best as house décor. It grows slowly and has leaves that resemble an egg, but with proper care, it can live for many years. Now let’s investigate the cause of my jade plant’s leaf loss.

The most frequent cause of jade plant leaves falling off is over watering, which keeps the plant moist most of the time. Jade plants began to drop their leaves when they were kept in consistently moist soil. Your jade plant should only be watered when it feels dry in order to solve the issue; otherwise, fallen leaves may return.

There are numerous additional causes for why it occurs in the first place. One of the major mistakes people make is overwatering a jade plant, which results in the leaves dropping. Below are the top 9 causes of this issue and their accompanying solutions.

  • Too Wet Jade
  • Insufficient sunlight
  • Underwatering
  • Dropping of Old Leaves During Season
  • Low-quality soil
  • Lack of Drainage
  • Temperature
  • Pest Problem
  • Overuse of fertilizer
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