Lavender ‘Grosso’ Spacing (Definitive Guide)

Lavender ‘Grosso’ Spacing (Definitive Guide)

The extremely adaptable lavender variety known as “Grosso” (Lavandula x intermedia) combines the cold hardiness of the English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) with the prolonged flowering season of a Portuguese lavender (Lavandula latifolia).

In ideal conditions, the larger lavender variety known as “Grosso” can reach widths of 32 inches (80 cm) and lengths of 46 inches (116 cm), thus it needs a lot of room to thrive.

To reduce the risk of fungal illness, you should give lavender “Grosso” greater room and airflow in humid climates.

Lacquer “Grosso”Planting distance
In Climates With Temperate3 to 4 feet apart
Warm, arid climates3-foot spacing
In humid environments:to allow for airflow, at least 3 feet apart
Regarding Decorative Hedges:Depending on the temperature and growing conditions, space them 20 inches or 2 feet apart.

It’s important to keep in mind that lavender ‘Grosso’ won’t necessarily reach its full size in every garden because it depends on the particular growth circumstances, environment, and care guidelines. To learn how to take care of lavender “Grosso,” read my article.

To space lavender “Grosso” for your garden’s requirements, keep reading.

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’

Lavender ‘Grosso’ needs more room between plants than smaller types like ‘Hidcote’ or ‘Munstead’ because it is a larger variety at full growth.

On the windy Mediterranean coast, lavenders are accustomed to thrive in open spaces without having to fight with other plants for light or ventilation.

The lavender will grow slightly larger in areas that resemble the Mediterranean, with hot summers, full sun, infrequent rainfall, mild winters, and the best growing conditions, including well-draining sandy soils.

As a result, the spacing of your lavender plants should be determined by your climate.

Lavender “Grosso” spacing

  • shorter growing seasons are common in temperate areas (such those in Washington, Oregon, or the UK). Lavender ‘Grosso’ plants should be spaced at least 2 feet apart.
  • Place lavender ‘Grosso’ plants about 2-3 feet apart in warmer regions (such as California, Spain, and Italy) that are similar to those in the Mediterranean.
  • Lavender “Grosso” should be placed farther apart—at least 3 feet—in climates that tend to be damp. Airflow will be improved, preventing the spread of fungus.

Due of its adaptation to the Mediterranean climate of Southern European regions with full sun, arid conditions, and infrequent rainfall, lavenders typically dislike humid climes.

If your environment is moderately humid, place the lavender in an area of your garden that is open and as far away from other plants as is practical. You might also want to consider growing “Grosso” in pots or raised beds rather than directly in the ground to give the foliage more airflow.

Because: Lavender “Grosso” normally needs 2-3 feet of space.

  • This enables the plant to mature and reach its full size without shading surrounding lavender plants. Lavender ‘Grosso’ is grown commercially for its highly prized aroma, and the more direct solar light it receives, the more blossoms and stronger the fragrance.
  • So that each lavender plant has enough room to spread out and build a root system in the soil, allowing it to get the water and nutrients it needs without having to compete with other plants for resources.
  • to let a wind, which will keep the leaves dry. Planting lavenders too closely together or in a confined space might lead to a more humid microclimate that increases the danger of fungus.

Spacing ‘Grosso’ in Pots Containers and Raised beds

However, you can get away with planting or placing pots closer together because they often have greater airflow and drainage than garden borders, making fungus diseases less of a problem.

If the pot is in a corner, make sure there is occasional breeze and full sun, rather than the quiet air which can enhance the danger of fungal illness. Bear in mind that the 2-3 feet of distance also covers the distance to fences, walls, and any other building as well as plants.

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’ Hedges

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’ Hedges

Since “Grosso” also spreads out considerably, establishing a hedge with it requires fewer individual plants than with other, more diminutive, common lavender varieties.

The larger “Grosso” will grow if your climate is similar to the Mediterranean climate (scorching sun, intense heat, and rare rainfall), but lavenders tend to be a little bit smaller in cooler locations like the UK or Oregon because of the shorter growth season and less sunshine hours.

This will have an impact on how far apart you should plant your “Grosso” when creating your hedge.

Lavender “grosso” plants should be spaced about 20 inches apart in chilly temperate areas. That means there should be 20 inches between each planting location rather than 20 inches from the foliage’s farthest reaches.

This will guarantee that your lavender forms a single, continuous hedge while yet allowing the root system ample space to take root. The amount of flowers and overall health of each plant will suffer if plants are planted too closely together.

Plant each lavender plant about 2 feet apart in warm, Mediterranean-style conditions with plenty of sunshine and dry weather to guarantee the lavender grows into a sturdy, tasteful hedge.

The hedge will have merged into a profusion of flowers and fragrant foliage within two years.

(Read my article about lavender hedge spacing for more information.)

Key Takeaways:

  • Lay out your lavender plants in 2-3 foot intervals. Each plant will be given adequate light, room for its roots, and access to water and nutrients as a result.
  • Due of the shorter growth season in colder locations, lavenders may grow a little bit smaller there. Lavenders thrive best in temperatures comparable to those of their original Mediterranean region.
  • To improve ventilation and prevent fugal infections, place “Grosso” at least three feet apart in humid climates.
  • Due to the better drainage and improved capacity for airflow, “Grosso” thrives in pots and containers.
  • When planting hedges, place ‘Grosso’ roughly 20 inches to 2 feet apart. To account for the size variation, place lavender plants farther apart in hot, dry locations with ideal circumstances and closer together in cold climates with less intense sunlight.


How far apart should I plant lavender grosso?

Lavender Grosso should be planted at least 2-3 feet apart from one another. This will guarantee that every plant has enough space, airflow, water, nutrients, and sunlight to grow roots in the soil.

Can you plant lavender close together?

Space lavender plants 2-3 feet apart. Larger kinds grow and bloom best when planted 3 feet apart, while dwarf versions can be planted closer together (18 inches to 2 feet).

How much space do you need between lavender rows?

3.0-6 feet

Does lavender make a good hedge?

The common lavender’s flowers start to bloom in the late spring and last until summertime. This cultivar is excellent for large plantings, edging, and hedge. It is also popular in rock gardens. The cultivars have dense flower spikes and gray-green leaves, and they grow compactly.

How long does a lavender hedge last?

In home gardens, lavender, a perennial, has been known to last up to 15 years. Growing lavender can be done in many different ways to lengthen life. A lavender hedge can last a lifetime with correct soil preparation, soil additives, drainage, pruning, winter protection, and harvesting.