Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus) – Care Guide & Tips

Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus) - Care & buy -

The Lipstick plant is a very strong hanging plant for indoors. It has dark green leaves, some variants with a pattern on the leaf, which grow gracefully along the tendrils. It is an easy houseplant for good reason. On this page you can read all about its care. But why the nickname “Lipstick plant” or “Lipstick plant”? That’s because of its flowers (see photo below). The flowers of this plant grow from a calyx. Before the flowers then unfold, they make them look like a lipstick.

The official name of the Lipstick plant is Aeschynanthus. In Greek, Aeschynanthus is a compound of the words “shame” and “flower.” This is a reference to turning red when ashamed. Many people will therefore know the Aeschynanthus as “Shame Red Plant”.

The plant genus Aeschynanthus is native to tropical regions. It grows in Java and parts of Malaysia in the jungle. Here the plant can grow up to one and a half meters long! The Aeschynanthus belongs to the Gesneriaceae family. A colorful collection of tropical plants, including the African violet.

Taking care of a lipstick plant

Position and light

The position is one of the most important aspects in the care of the Lipstick plant. We are talking about an easy plant here. It is not demanding when it comes to a position. But do you want your plant to bloom? Then you have to meet its needs.Give your Lipstick plant a place where it gets a lot, but indirect, sunlight. In tropical areas, the plant grows under large trees. There it sees a lot of light, but the sun almost never shines directly on the plant. If this happens, its leaves can scorch.

In terms of temperature, basically normal room temperature is good. Finally, when choosing a location, keep in mind that it is a hanging plant. A closet, hanging pot or high shelf is perfect. Prefer an upright plant? Perhaps the Calathea is something for you.


Watering seems easy, but in practice it turns out to be one of the trickiest things in the care of houseplants. How often should a Lipstick plant be watered? The most important thing is that the upper part of the soil dries out before you water it again. You can easily check this by sticking your finger in the soil. In spring and summer this will amount to watering once a week. In the winter usually a little less.

Give a lot of water in one go. It should really run out at the bottom of the pot. That is why you always want a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Your Lipstick plant will signal its need for water. Too little water will cause the leaves to shrivel. Too much water will cause the beautiful sheen of the leaves to disappear.

Soil and pot

It is important to choose a potting soil with good water permeability. As indicated above, the Lipstick plant does not like wet feet! Most standard types of potting soil are fine. Do you really want to do it right? Then you can mix your potting soil with a handful of perlite or sand. This will ensure that the moisture can run through the soil more easily and will reduce the chance of a soggy soil.

The choice of pot is not very important. The most important thing is: a hole in the bottom of the pot so that excess water can drain away. What also helps is a layer of hydro grains at the bottom of the pot. This allows water from the soil to get between the hydro grains and out of the pot through the hole.


In nature, the Lipstick plant grows in tropical areas with high humidity. For optimal care you need to simulate these conditions as well as possible. There are several ways to do this.The easiest is to use a plant sprayer. Set it to mist mode and spray your plant a few times a week. Spray so much water over the plant that it can still dry within a few hours

Another way to increase humidity is suitable during the winter when the stove is on. Then place a bowl of water on the stove. This water evaporates and increases the humidity. This is localized, so it only works if your plant is near the stove.

Pruning the Lipstick Plant

Pruning is important for the health and shape of your Lipstick plant. By pruning, you encourage the plant to create new shoots from the top. Pruning this plant is quite easy. Do not start pruning until the plant has completely finished flowering. Always use clean and sharp pruning shears. This will reduce the chance of damage to the plant.

Cut back the shoots of the plant by about a third. This may seem a bit much, but you will see that your plant will come back much fuller and more beautiful! A nice side effect of pruning is that you can grow new plants from the pieces you cut off. Read about it on our page about Lipstick plant cuttings.

Position and light

If you have just bought your plant and repotted it, there is still nutrition in the houseplant soil. Usually this will be finished after three months. Then it is best to add nutrition yourself. A normal houseplant nutrition is fine. Preferably choose an organic variant. Always read the instructions on the package carefully. Improper use of nutrition can do a plant more harm than good!

Flowering time

Most people have this plant for their flowers. But when does the Lipstick plant bloom? After the growing season has been going on for a while. More specifically, at the end of spring and/or the beginning of summer.

Lipstick plant species

There are several species of Lipstick plants. The special thing about this genus of plants is that they all have completely different leaves. Both the shape, the color and the patterns differ. The flowers, however, are identical. The most famous species are:

    Aeschynanthus JaphrolepisAeschynanthus MarmoratusAeschynanthus Mona LisaAeschynanthus Twister
  • Aeschynanthus Japhrolepis
  • Aeschynanthus Marmoratus
  • Aeschynanthus Mona Lisa
  • Aeschynanthus Twister
  • Is the Lipstick plant poisonous?

    Several sources report that this plant is not poisonous. In addition, this plant is often kept as a hanging plant. Often children and pets cannot reach it. This makes the risk of ingestion very small.

    Buy Lipstick plant

    The Lipstick plant can now be considered a classic. In the past, you could find this beautiful hanging plant in many living rooms. In recent years, as houseplants have become increasingly popular, this has only increased. This popularity has the advantage that you can buy it in many places. Preferably you buy at a specialized plant store. For this we work together with On this website several suppliers offer their plants. This way you always have an overview of the most current offerings and you can easily compare prices.

    Common problems

    Lipstick plant drops flowers

    Let’s start by saying that this is normal, if the flowers have finished blooming. Have they not yet bloomed, but are they falling off? Then this is probably a sign of not enough water. Read above on this page about the proper way and amount of watering.

    Aeschynanthus drops leaves

    This probably has to do with the temperature. In principle your Lipstick plant can have a temperature of up to 16 degrees. Do not keep it below this temperature, and preferably not for long periods at a time. Is your plant facing a draught or an open window? That can explain the loss of leaves.

    Lipstick plant does not flower

    If your plant does not flower it is of course a pity! Although the plant is very beautiful, people often have it for the flowers. The first check is: how long have you had your plant in the house? Is your plant already in the house for a longer time, but do you still not have those beautiful lipstick flowers? Then it is probably due to the location. Enough indirect sunlight is essential for the plant to bloom. More tips and tricks (video):

    Taking care of a lipstick plant

    NameAeschynanthus Radicans
    NicknamesLipstick Plant, Lipstick Plant, Pubic Red
    Place of StandLots of indirect light


    How much light do lipstick plants need?

    bright light

    Is a lipstick plant easy to care for?

    Even with its impressive, tropical appearance, the lipstick plant is generally considered to be a houseplant that’s relatively easy to care for. It’s all about just getting it right in terms of lighting and moisture levels.Aug 4, 2022

    How do you take care of a lipstick plant?

    Water lipstick plant enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or saturated for extended periods. Don’t let lipstick plant wilt, but also take care not to overwater it. If this houseplant stays too wet, it will suffer from root rot.

    What window is best for lipstick plant?

    south facing window

    Do lipstick plants need sun?

    Lipstick plants appreciate bright but filtered light. Too much direct sunlight can cause leaf scorch, and too little will result in a poor display of flowering and leaf drop.Aug 4, 2022