Succulent Cuttings

I recently decided to buy succulents online in order to create a living wreath for our front door. After researching, I concluded that Daniel’s Specialty Nursery had the widest selection of colors and textures that would make the wreath look stunning.

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I was ecstatic when these gorgeous succulent cuttings arrived! Every time I pulled out a new one, I was amazed by the vibrant colors and textures. I’m definitely a fan of succulents and this variety was stunning. I’m looking forward to crafting the wreath with these lovely plants!

I had almost forgotten the range of colors that succulents can come in until I received the cuttings I had ordered from Daniel a while back. My plants had mostly reverted to their natural green color as they had not been getting enough sunlight during the winter. However, when the weather warms up and they get more sun, I am sure they will come alive with a variety of colors. I have around 30 to 40 different varieties of succulents in my extra bedroom now.

I am optimistic that I will be able to assemble the wreath within the next week, but for now the cuttings are simply sitting on a piece of wood with paper towels on top to keep them moist. I am eager for the cuttings to take root before I put the wreath together. As I am very hopeful this wreath will turn out well, it may take me some time to decide exactly how I want to arrange it. When I am finally ready to put it together, I will create a tutorial to share with you all. I understand that there are plenty of tutorials for living wreaths available, but I thought I might as well give it a try.

Without much more to say, here’s what I have for you… the delicious cuttings! (Be warned… there might be a lot of photos here, but I wanted to show all the different types of cuttings I got!)

If you’re looking to quickly amass a substantial collection of gorgeous succulents, purchasing cuttings is a great option.


Can succulent cuttings root in water?

One way to propagate succulent cuttings or leaves is to plant them in soil. Although it is possible to try rooting them in water, this can be dangerous as the cuttings are likely to rot. The best method of increasing the chance of successful propagation is to use soil as the medium, which will lead to stronger, healthier roots.

How do you propagate succulents from cuttings?

Select a plant and cut off a piece of its stem. Utilize a pair of sharp and clean scissors or shears to cut off a branch with multiple healthy leaves. Put the stem aside and let the cut end callus over. Take off a few of the leaves, then submerge the stem into soil. When the succulent begins to root, transfer it to a larger pot.

Can I cut a succulent and plant it?

Cut the tops or ends of mature stems from the existing plants and discard. Allow the cut ends to form a scab over a few days. When ready, you can plant the cuttings in new soil. If you choose to plant them right away, make sure not to water them right away.

Can you replant a succulent without roots?

Rather than the typical difficulty, some species of succulents can be regrown from leaves. Choose robust, robust leaves near the base of the plant and cut them off. Leave the cut leaves to dry out in an indoor area or in the shade for 4-7 days. After the ends of the leaves have toughened up, plant them cut side down in a light and sandy soil mixture.

Can I just plant succulent cuttings?