Succulents in Heat and Humidity

Growing succulents in high humidity and heat can be difficult, but it is still possible to have thriving succulents with the right care.

Not all succulents thrive in hot, humid climates, as many prefer cooler temperatures.

Although there is no way to regulate the weather, you can take charge of where you place your succulents and the type of containers you use for them.

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Potted Succulents

Begin with a soil that allows for excellent drainage. This is essential for growing succulents anywhere, but especially in areas with high humidity.

I suggest employing a pot with a drain outlet and keeping your containers on pot feet. Doing this will facilitate faster drying of the soil.

It is essential to be aware of the hints your succulent is giving you and to not over-water it. Succulents can take advantage of the moisture in the air, so they don’t require as much watering as they would in an arid atmosphere.

If you’re uncertain about how much water your succulent needs, get this handy watering guide. It can be a great resource.

Succulents in the Ground

Succulents in the Ground

Instead of planting your succulent in a flat area, try making mounds of soil to allow the moisture to drain away more quickly and help the roots dry faster.

It is probable that during humid periods, you won’t need to water your succulents planted in the ground much. These plants tend to remain cooler and more moist than those in pots, and will also absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Nevertheless, be sure to monitor them for any signs of distress.

Limit Exposure to Rain

In summer, areas that receive rainfall every day present a major challenge for succulents, as they require sufficient periods between waterings to remain healthy.

Consider putting succulents in places with a roof or in containers that can be placed close to the house to minimize exposure to rain.

You can keep succulents both indoors and outdoors protected from too much water by using umbrellas. This is an effective method to prevent overwatering and is suitable for both potted and in-ground succulents.

Growing succulents in humid climates can be tricky, but with the right soil, a bit of TLC, and protection from the elements, you can still nurture these beautiful plants.


How often should you water succulents in hot weather?

If you are keeping your succulents outside or in a greenhouse during the summer season, make sure to give them water approximately once each week. Allow the soil to become slightly dry between waterings, but don’t let it remain dry for an extended period.

How hot is too hot for succulents?

Be mindful that temperatures too high or too low can be hazardous for succulents. It is not advised to keep temperatures below 40°F or above 90°F. During the summer, the combination of extreme heat and direct sunlight may cause sunburn to your succulents, damaging the foliage and root system.

How do you take care of succulents in humid climate?

Are succulents OK in high humidity?

Therefore, it is best to avoid high humidity levels when caring for succulents.

What temperature is too hot for succulents?

Be mindful that extreme temperatures can be damaging to your succulents. Temperatures below 40°F and above 90°F should be avoided. During the summer, a combination of extreme heat and direct sunlight can cause sunburn and damage to both the leaves and root system of the plants.