Will Lavenders Grow in The Shade?

Will Lavenders Grow in The Shade?

Whether lavenders or any variety of lavender can thrive in shadier conditions is one of the most frequently asked concerns by novice gardeners.

Shade is not good for lavender growth. Lavenders need full sun and drier humidity and drainage conditions. Less sun exposure throughout the growing season results in fewer flowers, poor growth, and even death for lavender plants.

I’ve read about types of lavender that supposedly tolerate some shadow, but in my experience, when lavenders are not in full sun, you will have to give up blossoms and smell.

Lavenders are indigenous to the Mediterranean region, including France, Italy, and Spain, where they may grow in sandy soils, full sun, and with little to no water.

While it is true that you do not need to reside in the Mediterranean region to grow lavenders, you must recreate the climate there in order to cultivate lavenders that bloom and release their recognizable scent.

Place your lavender plants in full sun; don’t try to make a compromise by planting them in a more shady area of your yard.

Here is a helpful checklist for lavender growers so that you are aware of the precise conditions needed to cultivate lavender.


Lavenders require direct sunlight and cannot thrive, if at all, in partial or complete shadow.

Avoid growing lavender plants in the unfavorable shade because they have a relatively limited lifespan (4 years is average).

Instead, satisfy their Mediterranean needs and take pleasure in their wonderful perfume and blossoms.

Lavenders only live for four years, but as they are quite easy to grow, you may simply generate a succession of lavenders to replace the old ones with some forward planning and at no extra cost.

Look at my article where I describe exactly what you need to do to ensure proper drainage and the optimal soil conditions for lavenders if you’d like to learn more about what kind of soil lavenders need and how to quickly modify soil for lavenders.