7 tips to Stop Killing Your Succulents

How do I stop my succulents from dying?

1) Use soil that is specifically formulated for cacti and succulents which will enable the plants to drain properly.
2) Place the succulents in a spot where it will be exposed to the appropriate amounts of sunlight, shade, and temperatures.
3) Do not give the succulents too much water.
4) Do not forget to provide the succulents with fertilizer.
5) Make sure there is adequate air circulation around the succulents.
6) Make sure the succulents have enough space to spread out and grow.
7) Water the succulents before you put them into their pots.
Additional Resources and Tools: Research the types of succulents you have in order to get a better idea of their needs and consult gardening experts for advice.

What does Overwatered succulent look like?

It is likely that if the leaves of a succulent are turning yellow, appearing transparent, and feeling soggy and mushy, they have been overwatered. Characteristic signs of overwatering are black spots and soft, yellow leaves.