Classic green succulents for arrangements and container gardens (Ultimate Guide with Video)

Check out this list of my go-to classic green succulents! These plants come in a range of hues and shapes, making them a great addition to any home.

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Green succulents are a timeless choice, offering a perfect backdrop to craft beautiful arrangements. Furthermore, they can usually tolerate less light than other succulent varieties, making them an ideal addition to indoor gardens.

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Here are some of my favorite green succulents that I love!

Aeonium canariense “Giant Velvet Rose”

This succulent has large, bright green rosettes that turn red in direct sunlight. It is a monocarpic plant, meaning it will die after it produces flowers. When it blooms, look out for yellow, star-shaped blossoms.

Gasteraloe ‘Green Ice’

Green Ice is an easy to grow succulent that features flat, variegated leaves. These leaves have unique gray spots and lines, and the plant produces attractive red and green tubular flowers. This variety is perfect for those who are new to succulent gardening, or those looking to start an indoor garden.

Crassula perforata “String of Buttons”

String of Buttons is a succulent shrub that thrives indoors and makes a great addition to terrariums. Its triangle-shaped leaves grow in an alternating spiral pattern around the stem, giving it a button-like appearance. The foliage has a grey-green hue, and may take on a pinkish tone along its edges when exposed to adequate sunlight. In the springtime, the plant produces delicate pale yellow flowers.

Haworthiopsis reinwardtii

Kalanchoe beharensis ‘Fang’

This tall succulent features silvery leaves with bronze edges and small, “fang-like” tubercles along the margins and underside. Outdoors, ‘Fang’ produces red-orange blooms in the spring, though it’s rare to see flowers if grown inside.

Sedum reflexum “Blue Spruce Stonecrop”

This evergreen, low-growing plant has spiky, blue-green leaves that look like Spruce needles. It is a fast-growing succulent and spreads out as it matures. In the cold weather, its leaves turn a beautiful pink hue. During the summer months, you may even spot small yellow flowers.

Sedum pachyphyllum “Jelly Beans”

This Sedum has silvery-green foliage with thick, stubby leaves and a woody stem. It is an ideal ground cover for areas where trailing plants are desired, and it produces yellow blossoms in the summer months.

I hope this list of succulents inspires you to come up with creative ways to incorporate them into your arrangements!