Autumn Blaze Maple – Grow, Care , Prune, Facts, Diseases [Full Info]

Autumn Blaze Maple – Grow, Care , Prune, Facts, Diseases [Full Info]

The two most popular American trees were crossed to create the Autumn Blaze Maple. These old American maple trees are quite traditional. These trees are known as Red Maple Tree and Silver Maple Tree, respectively. These trees are not only attractive and colorful but also provide a substantial amount of shade.

The more care and attention given to this tree, the more beautiful it gets as it ages. Acer freemanii, or the Autumn Blaze Maple, is a tree that stands out from other trees in terms of size and shape and is particularly well-liked by people in both America and Japan.

The Color of Autumn The Blaze maple tree is typically green, but in the fall it turns orange and crimson red.

When teaching students about several varieties of maple trees, this tree is a fantastic example to use. The fall season is when you can see the beauty and color.

When leaves fall, the image that comes to mind is similar to a flower shower.

The splendor of Autumn Blaze Maple drew in the newlyweds.

They frequently sit beneath the tree and take pictures in front of it while enjoying the weather.

Background Details

Due to the fact that Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid of two different species of trees, it cannot be found in the wild. You must purchase this magnificent tree if you desire it. The public was first given access to these trees after they had been propagated.

This tree has extremely dense branches, and the top of it appears to be circular with an oval-shaped crown. The Autumn Blaze Maple can grow up to 3 feet in one year, and it can grow even faster if it receives enough sunlight and the weather is favorable.

If you take good care of them, this Autumn flame maple tree can grow up to 40–60 feet tall and 40–50 feet wide, according to

This Autumn Blaze Maple has the potential to grow quickly and become stronger than other trees due to the physical prowess, robust health, and natural power of Red Maple and Silver Maple.

This tree not only adapts to the soil conditions but also fights off diseases.

Autumn Blaze maple trees feature five-pointed lobes with serrated margins on their leaves.

The hue of the leaves during the summer is green, with the majority of the veins being red.

As you are aware, planting multiple autumn blaze maple trees is one of the best things you can do to lessen heat waves in urban islands.

Would you know:

Acer rubrum and Acer saccharinum, often known as red maple and silver maple, were crossed in 1993 by Oliver Freeman of the US National Arboretum to create autumn flame maple, also known as the Freeman Maple.

It can grow 3 feet a year and grows 4 times more quickly than red maple or Acer rubrum.

Specification :

Common name: Maple, Autumn Blaze

Acer freemanii is its scientific name.

Type of Soil: Fertile, well-drained

Type of Plant: Deciduous Tree

40-60 feet tall

Region: 3 to 8

30 to 40 feet wide

Direct sunlight or some partial shade

Autumnal hue: vibrant red

Red and Silver maples are native to North America

(Acer freemanii)

If this tree appeals to you, you’re undoubtedly prepared to cultivate it in your backyard. Additionally, these trees can be found from Wisconsin to central Florida and are hardy in zones 3 to 8, according to the USDA.

Not only in the US, but also in other English-speaking nations like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, it is hugely popular. The answer to the question, “How to Grow Autumn Blaze Maple,” is that it needs very little maintenance and that, when the plant is young, its roots must be kept moist so they can expand.

For autumn blaze, the dirt in the ground is sufficient to support their growth; no need for fertilizer. It can survive in bad soil because its father Silver maple is acclimated to it and can withstand that soil, so you can put it there. They don’t like it, so there’s no need to prune. If there hasn’t been any rain in your city for a few days, you’ll need to water.

For faster growth, these plants require full daylight, and while they can still grow well in partial sunlight, the rate of growth may be a little slower.

The following are the steps for growing autumn blaze maple:

  • Choose the soil you want. You can use fertile soil or ground soil.
  • To accommodate the plant’s root ball, create a hole that is 4-5 times wider and the same depth.
  • Put the plant in place and add soil to the roots.
  • Watering the first time is crucial. Ensure that the soil is well watered before planting.

In order to grow autumn blaze maple, you should be aware of the following:


The soil must have good water drainage since doing so prevents roots from decaying.


When they are young, autumn blazing maple trees don’t require fertilizer; but, after a year, you can give them fertilizer.

If you have older fall maple trees, feed them high-nitrogen fertilizer.


In the North, full sun can promote the growth of autumn flame maples. Partial shade would be advantageous for plants in the South.


Young maple trees require adequate water to help their roots form. As a human newborn needs mother’s milk for the first 6 to 8 months or at least for a year, the greatest thing you can do is to make sure the soil is wet for the first 6 to 8 months.

Many people wonder how to care for a maple tree once it has been planted. Friends, I should first point out how crucial it is to choose the ideal site before you begin growing the tree.

Although you can plant this tree at any time of the year, spring or fall are thought to be the finest times. Your plant will require the most water in the first season after planting. There is no need for irrigation when caring for these plants. These trees adapt to a variety of soils and can survive the full sun.

Because they are hybrid plants, these trees do not produce seeds. When it’s extremely cold outside, you can give them a frost blanket to keep them warm.

To explain how to take care of autumn blazing maple, it needs well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients and only slightly acidic. Additionally, you can combine ground soil with alkaline soil.

Lotusmagus advice: cover your plant with mulch to keep the roots moist for a longer period of time. All you need is a 2 inch layer of mulch to complete the task.

If you cover the truck instead of the surrounding earth, dogs and then disease may be drawn in.

This plant needs water when it needs it, and the soil will keep it moist. If you don’t make it feel like it’s standing in water, it may remain moist. For at least a year, these trees (Acer freemanii) don’t require pruning. Removing crowded or dead branches is an option, although it’s not absolutely essential.

Before spring, fertilizer can be used, and delayed release fertilizer is a good choice.

Fertilizer with a Slow Release


The amount of fertilizer that can be administered is 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet of plant surface.

Make sure not to splash salt near the soil of these trees because they don’t like it. Additionally, they dislike chilly environments and will utilize a frost cover in the winter if necessary.

Pest and Disease

Simply picking the optimal place, watering it every day, and using fertilizer as necessary constitutes taking good care of something. They are essential for bolstering the plant. These two insects, aphids and scale, can harm maple trees.

Applying Neem oil, horticultural oil, or insecticidal soap will help you get rid of these. Use chemical insecticides like carbaryl for serious conditions. Fungicides can be used to prevent fungal infections, which are the most common problem in plants.

Because this is used on many different trees, shrubs, grasses, and plants in addition to Autumn blazing maple, we have recommended 2 Bonide Neem Oil(Combo).

Neem Bonide Oil


The most common organic approach used by many gardeners worldwide to prevent pests and some fungal infections is neem oil.

Why Autumn Blaze Maple is a Amazing Shade Tree?

1. Rapidity of Growth

This maple tree is growing more quickly than its parent. It can grow more quickly once the roots have formed. Strong roots take a year to develop.

2. Bold Color

If you live in Northern Illinois, then you have probably already seen this tree (Acer freemanii) numerous times due to its Amazing, Vibrant Red Color.

It is well-known for its fall foliage, when the leaves become a vibrant orange and scarlet.

The adaptability of nature

Being a hybrid, it has all the abilities of both of its parents (red and silver maple). It can thrive anywhere and grow well.

It can be utilized in metropolitan areas where there is a high level of pollution and heat; it can lessen the effects of the heat while also clearing the hard dust of pollution.

4. Resistance to Disease

It possesses the abilities of red and silver maple, which enable it to be disease- and pest-resistant.

5. Soil

It may grow on any type of soil, including ground soil, potting soil, and fertilizer soil, as long as you keep it moist by giving it water each day.

These trees are often grown in backyards.

They can then witness the growth firsthand. Being in the garden is enjoyable because you may observe plant life cycles.

Most Searched Questions

Autumn blaze maple tree problems

The main issue with autumn flame maples is when the limbs begin to split since they become weaker over time and severe storms just widen existing fissures. If you have a garden that is susceptible to ruin, this tree may cause some property damage. So, early pruning and good maintenance can resolve this problem.

Autumn blaze maple lifespan

The lifespan of a red maple is over 300 years, a silver maple is over 100 years, and this hybrid of the two has a lifespan of over 100 years. Despite its long lifespan, iron shortage can cause problems, such as yellowing leaves that don’t return the following growing season. Don’t use liquid-based iron; instead, call Plant Center for iron injection. Iron must be injected into the maple tree trunk.

Autumn blaze maple growth rate

Due to fertilizer and how quickly the tree absorbs the fertilizer through the roots, it can grow by feet each year and roughly 3-5 feet per year. Even being kind can be very important to its development.

Autumn blaze maple tree life expectancy

The hybrid lived for more than 100 years, but with the autumn blaze some claim it can live up to seven years and others say it can live for twelve. However, the hybrid suffers from iron chlorosis, which is simply iron deficiency. Because the roots can absorb iron from lime soil, you must either administer the iron directly or seek assistance.

Autumn blaze maple roots

You might even see the roots growing upward near the tree. The roots can extend up to 40 feet in a circular form. The entire tree will be impacted if roots that are above ground are accidentally harmed, but it will still be able to recover quickly. It is a hybrid of red and silver maple, but only one of them is invasive. However, when it becomes overrun, it will still require maintenance.

Autumn blaze maple vs October glory

When compared to autumn blaze, the October glory maple has the same size, but the latter has faster growth and red blossoms.

Autumn blaze maple price

A 4-5 foot maple tree can cost anywhere between $95 and $120+, while a tree that is 5-6 feet tall can cost between $118 and $140. These maple trees are the finest growers. These pricing ranges are subject to vary over time, so I can’t say whether they will remain the same. The vendor will determine whether they increase or decrease. I’ve Presented Links If you’d like, you can purchase it; check the most recent prices on Amazon and Etsy.

Full Grown Autumn blaze maple

These hybrid plants have a height range of 40 to 50 feet. Yes, I’m referring to the mature autumn blazing maple, which extends out to almost 30 feet. I’ve read a lot of papers about them, and some of them claim it can spread more than 10 feet. If given the ideal habitat, trees can live for a very long time, but if they are protected from disease, they can easily live for seven years.

October glory vs Autumn Blaze

First, allow me to explain October splendor, the red maple’s cultivator, and the reason for its red leaves. The other one, as you are aware, is Autumn Blaze, which is also a hybrid of the two varieties Acer and freemanii. It has the same color of leaf and is easily adapted to many conditions. Both reach the same height, however one can thrive in extremely warm settings while the other can tolerate colder environments.

  • While Autumn Blaze may thrive in the colder USDA hardiness zones 3-8, October Glory can be grown in the more temperate zones 4–9.
  • Autumn flame is around 40–45 feet tall and can stretch out to about 30–40 feet, while October splendor has a height of 40–50 feet and a width of 35–35 feet.
  • Growth of the Autumn Blaze is more rapid than that of the October Glory.
  • While October variety has limitations, Autumn variety can withstand a cold and dry climate.
  • While October glory cannot manage high acidic soil and may have chlorosis, Autumn flame has no problems growing in soil that is heavy in clay.
  • October brilliance doesn’t require nearly as much area as autumn blazing.


How tall do autumn blaze maple trees grow

Autumn flame maple can reach a height of 44 to 50 feet and a spread of up to 34 to 40 feet, according to Arborday.Org. Compared to other trees of a similar type, this one can grow much more quickly. Many temperature ranges as well as unfavorable soils can be tolerated by it.

Do Autumn Blaze maple trees have helicopters

Yes, the Autumn Blaze maple tree can sprout helicopter seeds, and the Sienna Glen maple tree is also capable of doing so. There are various maple tree varieties that can only be grown through hybridization, and you cannot get them anywhere. They have no seeds and are only sold in certain places.

How fast does a autumn blaze maple grow

It’s startling to learn that it may grow by roughly 3 feet each year and that the Autumn Blaze Maple is the fastest-growing tree. Given how quickly it grows in comparison to other maple trees, you can expect to see a complete, mature tree in 4 to 5 years.

This makes the tree a quick growth; after waiting five years, you might see lovely colors.

Autumn blaze maple growth chart

Depending on how well you fertilize it, how well the plant food is given, how frequently fertilizer is provided, how well the drainage is, and how well it receives adequate light, it will grow 3-5 feet every year. Greater growth rates are found in warmer regions than in colder ones.

Are Autumn Blaze maple roots invasive

When people begin to walk over the roots and harm them, root invasion occurs in many Maple trees, just like autumn flame. Its roots are sometimes vulnerable to numerous pests and illnesses due to the drain system.

How close to the house can you plant an autumn blaze maple

How close to the house can you plant an autumn blaze maple

How long do Autumn Blaze maple trees live

It depends on the climate because this tree can survive longer in colder regions and close to freshwater rivers. Autumn Blaze grows 9–12 feet in about 4 years and can be expected to live for 4–7 years.

How do I prune an autumn blaze maple tree

Autumn blazing maple (Acer freemanii) can have some dead leaves and weak branches, which can be limiting its growth, so pruning is necessary every six months. The majority of the leaves’ nourishment can also be provided by pruning this tree since, after the top layer has been lightly clipped, the leaves will receive sunshine. You should also cut any new vehicle that emerges from the tree stem because it was restricting its growth.

Do deer eat autumn blaze maple trees

This tree can withstand a variety of situations, including drought. Bees and nesting birds are drawn to it, but deer cannot eat it.

Is Autumn Blaze Maple a hard maple

No, it’s a soft maple tree formed by crossing red and silver maples, both of which are soft maples. Autumn Blaze (Acer freemanii), a tree with both maple and quick growth characteristics. Soft in the sense that thunder and wind storms can destroy it, but this does not imply that the tree is weak; it is not.

Is Autumn Blaze a sugar maple

Don’t mix it with scientific names, it’s not. Acer saccharinum and Acer rubrum are hybridized to create the autumn flame maple tree. Acer saccharum is the scientific name for sugar maple, and it shares a name with silver maple, which is Acer saccharinum. So avoid becoming confused by names.


Why is my autumn blaze maple turning red in summer

This problem occurs when the maple tree experiences an iron deficit, slows down its growth, and becomes red. This issue emerges as a result of the soil’s high pH (greater than 7) alkaline content, which led to iron chlorosis. Your soil must be acidic (pH below 7), therefore you can add iron sulfate, acidifying nitrogen, or organic mulches to your soil to improve iron content.