Basic Supplies for Planting Succulents

Do you want to start your own succulent garden? Gather all the necessary items needed to create a stunning succulent planter and get growing!

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I’m having a great time sharing my love of succulents with others by helping them plant their own containers. It’s a great way to enjoy the hobby without having to find more room in my own home!

I have come to understand that people often struggle to understand what materials they need in order to properly care for their succulents after they have selected a pot or planter. This article will provide a comprehensive list of essential items required for successful succulent care.

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to begin growing succulents.

These are the supplies I deem necessary:


    To create a succulent garden, you will need a container with a drainage hole, mesh tape or drainage screen, succulent soil or one you make yourself, a shovel, and top dressing (optional).

It’s easy to install and it works well. Additionally, top dressing with gravel, sand, or pebbles can help to keep the soil in the pot and keep it looking nice.

Take a look at my article about planting succulents to find out how these materials can be used in combination!

Mesh Tape

Mesh Tape

Top Dressing

People who are looking to make their succulent arrangements stand out should consider adding a top dressing. This is a decorative material, such as rocks or gravel, which covers the soil in the pot. Not only does this help enhance the look of the arrangement, but it also serves a practical purpose – it helps to keep the soil from shifting when you water the plants. A top dressing will help keep the arrangement looking neat and tidy.

You can enjoy yourself while sprucing up your succulent arrangements with top dressings. Consider using a basic pea gravel for a simple aesthetic, or get creative and use colorful rocks, sand, glass gems, sphagnum moss, or even beads. Just make sure it enhances the look of your succulents and container and doesn’t take away from it.

I hope this advice has been useful to you in beginning your succulent arrangement project! Now that you know the materials to use, you can begin the exciting process of choosing the succulents and the added decorative elements and putting them together. If you need any further guidance on the supplies I suggested or if I overlooked something important, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.


What do you need to plant succulents?

How do you plant succulents for beginners?

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Do succulents need soil or rocks?

Succulents require soil with excellent drainage. When planting in the garden, be sure to select an area that does not have standing water and is not in a low spot. If planting in a container, you can buy soil specifically made for cacti or mix sand, gravel, or volcanic rock into the potting soil to promote drainage.

What do I need to start planting succulents?

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Can succulents survive without soil?

Succulents require a potting medium to protect their roots, but if given proper care and attention, they can survive outside of a pot for up to two weeks.