How to grow wild rice for ducks

Wild Rice is a small, bushy plant that grows in shallow water and has long stems. It can be eaten fresh or cooked as part of a dish such as risotto. It’s the seed from an annual grass native to North America. Wild rice grows best when it gets full sun, but will also tolerate …

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How to fix a broken tomato plant

Whether you’re growing your own food, or just want to create an edible landscape that looks good, you may need help fixing a broken tomato plant. I was having some issues with my tomato plants and decided I needed something that would allow me to pick tomatoes from them without killing the plant itself. What …

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How to plant mixed Lettuce seeds

how to plant mixed lettuce seeds

Lettuce is one of the easiest and most rewarding vegetables you can garden. It’s versatile, easy to grow, and produces a large amount of food for very little effort (and it tastes delicious). Lettuces are also extremely popular with chefs in restaurants across America because they have such strong flavors that pair well with other …

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How to grow a Coconut Palm

how to grow a coconut palm

Coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) are tropical trees that thrive in warm, humid climates. They can tolerate temperatures as low as 15 degrees F and have adapted well to growing in very poor soil conditions. These trees produce fruit year-round but it is during the rainy season from October through April when they bear their most …

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How to grow a Bamboo privacy screen in containers

How to grow a Bamboo Privacy Screen in containers

Planting a bamboo privacy screen is easy, but it’s not always the simplest of projects. You’re going to need some good containers and you may even have to make them yourself. And once everything grows in nicely, you’ll want your plants to look their best – so how do you keep from damaging or deforming …

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Non-Cruciferous Vegetable List

Non-Cruciferous vegetables

If you’re a vegetarian, the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions vegetables is probably iceberg lettuce. While it’s true that this leafy green can provide your body with plenty of essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and potassium, there are many other non-cruciferous vegetable options out there. In fact, these veggies have …

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Plants that Look Like Aloe Vera – 7 Succulents

Plants that Look Like Aloe Vera

If you have had the pleasure of meeting a succulent, then you know it’s not just another ordinary flower or leaf. They are unique in their ability to store water without becoming waterlogged. Their leaves can actually wither up but remain intact until they dry out completely. Although these plants may be small at first …

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20 Herbs with Purple Flowers

Herbs with purple flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden. They add color and life to any space, and they also have many medicinal benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss 15 herbs that have purple flowers. We will talk about their benefits, how to use them, their ideal growing conditions, and where …

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