How to fix a broken tomato plant

Whether you’re growing your own food, or just want to create an edible landscape that looks good, you may need help fixing a broken tomato plant.

I was having some issues with my tomato plants and decided I needed something that would allow me to pick tomatoes from them without killing the plant itself. What ended up working best for me is a little contraption called a “Tomato Harvester,” which basically allows you to remove fruit easily without damaging the plant.

If you have any type of gardening needs, this device will be helpful if you are looking for ways to harvest more tomatoes out of your garden. It also doesn’t hurt to use it as part of a larger plan to get your veggies. You can even use one for herbs too.

Best method on mending a broken tomato plant

The Tomato Harvester works by using a small plastic tube, much like what you see when you buy vegetables at a grocery store. The end of the tube has been cut off so that leaves only about 2-3 inches of the tube left – this piece of tubing is inserted into the stem of the tomato plant and then pulled upwards, breaking the stem and ripping the bottom leaves off of the plant.

Once the stem is removed, the remaining portion of the tomato plant is allowed to grow normally until new stems form. After these new stems are formed, they are gently pruned away from the main stalk. At this point, the original stem can be replaced with the plastic tube again, thereby repeating the process over and over again.
This method works well because it does not damage the roots of the tomato plant, unlike other methods where the entire root system must be dug up and replanted elsewhere. By removing the bottom leaves, the plant is able to concentrate its energy on making the rest of the plant strong. When the lower leaves die (which happens naturally as the plant matures), the remaining top leaves should be healthy enough to continue producing fruits.
However, there are some things to consider before purchasing a Tomato Harvester. For example, you’ll probably want to make sure the harvester is sturdy enough to support the weight of large tomatoes. Also, don’t expect to simply stick one into the ground and forget about it. If you live anywhere near heavy rain, you’ll want to make sure the base isn’t going to collapse under the pressure of water. Lastly, you’ll definitely want to take extra care during installation. Make sure all holes are sealed properly, and always wear gloves while installing this device.

Where to place a broken tomato plant in the garden

You’ll want to try placing the harvester wherever your tomato plants were originally planted. However, since the harvester removes the bottom leaves, it won’t work if you had set up your tomato plants too close together. In that case, you should dig up those small plants and move them apart a bit.
Once you’ve determined the best location for your harvester, you’ll want to put down a layer of newspaper along the surface of the soil. Next, insert the plastic tube into the hole, keeping the outside end capped with soil. Then fill in around the sides of the harvester, so that the tubes are encased within the soil.
After everything’s installed, water thoroughly! Depending on where you live, you may need to wait a few days after watering before harvesting.
And that’s it! Your tomato plants will now produce more fruits every year.