How to Paint Terracotta Pots for Succulents

These basic hand-painted terra cotta pots are a great way to add a bit of flair to your plain pot. Experiment with different colors and designs to create a unique look!

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I have been asked a few times about the process I used to paint terra cotta pots for a summer pop up sale. It got me thinking that it could be fun to create some cute, painted flower pots as Valentine’s Day gifts. To that end, I’m putting together a tutorial on how to paint flower pots.

Honestly, painting these flower pots may seem straightforward, but I discovered a few tips and tricks after painting around 100 of them. I was really drawn to the dipped pot look, however it was more challenging to make it look polished. If you are wanting to get that hand dipped look, keep reading to learn how I achieved it!

You will need the following items: _______________.

    (I used a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors)

    Rephrase: Clay flower potsPaint of your choiceA foam brush to apply the paintAssorted succulents in different sizes, shapes, and colors

Let the excess paint drip off the pot before you put it down.

Begin by wiping the pot down with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Then, submerge the pot into the paint to reach the preferred depth. If you would like a different effect, you can angle the pot while dipping. After you have finished, slowly lift the pot out of the paint and let any extra paint run off before setting it aside.

Using a foam brush to remove any excess paint is the key to success for me – if you just plunge the pot into the paint and leave it to dry, the paint will be too thick and will run and form bubbles.

I utilized the brush to carefully erase paint from the pot’s surface. Following the indentation of the pot made the task easier and also filled any gaps created by air pockets.

Instead of dipping the pots in paint, you can use a foam brush to apply it to the top rim. This is what I did with my pots.

Rotate the pot so it is upside down and let it air dry. When the paint has dried, you can plant succulents or any type of plant you’d like in it. I appreciate that this method does not create a lot of mess, and you do not need to stress about creating a straight line with the paint. The paint has a nice effect, even if it is not totally straight; it looks like it has been dipped!

If you’re in search of an enjoyable project or a great present, these little indoor pots for succulents are an ideal option. If you need more advice on how to cultivate succulents indoors, my indoor succulent growing guide has lots of helpful tips!

Does painting affect breathability?

Does painting affect breathability?

If your pot is made of terra cotta but has a painted exterior, the material’s ability to absorb water from the soil and facilitate its evaporation will be reduced.

Write down this information and only water when the soil is totally dry. You might need to modify your watering routine a bit if the pots were not painted in the first place.


What paint to use to waterproof terracotta pots?

To achieve the best outcome, terra cotta pots should be painted with FolkArt Outdoor, Apple Barrel Acrylics, FolkArt Acrylics or any of our multi-surface paints.

Are painted terracotta pots still porous?

The application of paint on a terra cotta pot can slightly impede the pot’s ability to breathe, yet this is not a serious issue. Terra cotta is a porous material that naturally absorbs water from the soil and enables it to evaporate faster. If the pot is painted on the exterior, the soil may not dry out as quickly as it would with an unpainted pot.

What kind of paint do you use on terracotta pots?

is a type of paint that is specifically made for craft projects.

Acrylic paint formulated for craft projects is available for those wanting to create something unique.

How do you make terracotta pots less porous?

When sealing your clay pot, make sure to do it outdoors for the best results. Thompson’s Water Seal is a great option to consider for this task. Doing this will ensure that you and your surroundings stay safe and free of harmful chemicals while you work.

Is it OK to paint terracotta pots for plants?