How to remove succulent pups from the stem

Reformulated: When is the optimal time to repot succulent pups and how can they be removed from the mother plant? It’s a great feeling when your succulents propagate on their own, but knowing the best way to repot the pups will help ensure that they thrive.

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Sometimes succulents get a surge of new growth around their stem, giving the gardener lots of fun new babies! However, as those babies grow, it can be tough to separate them from the parent plant.

How big should the succulent pup be before removing it?

The best time to detach a succulent baby from the stem is when it reaches a size of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm), or when it is big enough that you can handle it without breaking it.

How to remove the pup from the mother

How to remove the pup from the mother

Once the baby plant has been taken off the stem, place it on a dry surface so that the cut end can form a callous over the next 24 hours. The moist end needs to be allowed to dry before planting.

Planting the succulent pup

Once the cut end has healed, you can pot the new baby succulent. To keep the soil moist longer, I suggest mixing a layer of coconut coir with the gritty soil mix that I recommend for succulents.

It’s important to select a pot for your pup that will provide enough growing space, but not too much. A pot with about a half inch (1cm) of clearance around the edges of its leaves should be sufficient; try not to go any larger than an inch (2.5cm) on each side.

If your puppy is approximately 1 inch wide, choose a pot that is 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

Put the cutting in a spot that gets bright but not direct sunlight. Too much direct sun can damage the cutting, so it’s best to find a spot that gets plenty of light but is away from direct rays. If you’re growing indoors, make sure to position the cutting near a bright window or under grow lights for a few hours per day.

Watering your succulent pup

You’ll need to pay attention to the baby and make sure it is watered regularly during the initial weeks. A good rule of thumb is to give it water every two to three days. This way, the pup has access to water, while also giving the roots some time to establish.

Once the plant has been established, start decreasing the amount of water you give it and use the soak and dry approach.

If you want to accelerate the development of the baby plant, you can apply fertilizer after it has taken root. Make sure to use a weakened fertilizer solution and ensure the seedling receives ample yet not excessive illumination to prevent stunted growth.

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How do you take cut off or prune succulents and replant?

To propagate new succulents, snip off a section from the top of the plant and let it dry out for a period of 24 hours. After that, replant the cutting into a potting mix designed for succulents or cacti, as opposed to a standard potting soil.

How do you grow succulents from cut pieces?

Select a plant to propagate and start with a mother plant. Cut a stem with clean scissors or shears, and let the cut end form a callus. Take away some leaves and place the stem in soil. Then transfer the succulent to a larger pot.

Can you cut a succulent stem and replant?

Succulents are among the simplest plants to propagate, and can be reproduced through either stem or cutting propagation methods.

How do you remove and replant succulents?

Cut the tips or ends of mature stems off the succulents. Let the cut ends dry and heal for a few days. If planting the cuttings, wait a few days before inserting them into new soil or watering them.

Can you cut off a piece of a succulents and replant?

To propagate succulents, start by cutting off the top of an existing plant and allowing it to dry for about a day. Then, replant the cutting into a soil designed for succulents or cacti, rather than a typical potting mix. With proper care, the succulent will be able to grow new roots and develop into a new plant.