Miniature Succulent Topped Pumpkin Tutorial

If you need an easy way to spruce up your pumpkins this season, consider adding succulents to them.

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Last year, I made a unique succulent arrangement in a faux pumpkin so that it could last longer. Furthermore, I also crafted a classic succulent topped pumpkin for a project featured in the Idiot’s Guide. These types of creations have become extremely popular.

Upon viewing the mini white pumpkins at my sister-in-law’s home, I realized that succulents would make a perfect accompaniment.

I chose to give the pumpkin a light, decorative touch with a few succulents instead of completely concealing it. This gave the pumpkin an attractive look while still keeping it prominently visible.

I wanted the decoration to be petite, which is why I used small succulents. As the decoration was intended for outdoor use, I made sure to select succulents that could withstand cold temperatures.

I had a great experience looking through the choices of Sempervivums and Jovibarba hirtas at Mountain Crest Gardens. I was able to find several small varieties to use on my decorative pumpkins. If you’re interested in purchasing these types of succulents, click this link.

I’m currently infatuated with small items, so I was delighted to find a tiny succulent that I could pair with others of its kind to create a succulent-topped pumpkin. The method for making the same design with bigger pumpkins and succulents remains the same.

You will need the following items: ________.

    Succulents, Pumpkins, and Sphagnum Moss can be glued together with Floral Glue or Hot Glue.

These pumpkins are really easy to assemble. The most difficult part is selecting which succulents to employ and where to place them.

I would suggest using floral glue for succulent projects, but if you can’t find it, hot glue will do. To make sure you get the best possible results, using a hot glue gun rather than a low temperature one is recommended.

Using high temperature glue is more effective for sticking items to a pumpkin and succulents than low temperature glue. Hot glue and floral glue will hold better to the waxy surface of the pumpkin than low temp glue, which has a tendency to slip off.

Begin by adhering the moss to the exterior of the pumpkin. The simplest way to accomplish this is to apply the glue directly onto the pumpkin and press the moss down firmly. Be sure to use a moss that is thick enough so that your fingers are not burned by the hot glue.

Once the moss is adhered to the pumpkin, determine the design you want for your succulents and glue them on. Depending on the variety of succulent you have, it may be simpler to apply the glue to the plant and then attach it to the pumpkin.

It is best to remove most of the soil and some of the roots from your succulents when planting them into a moss or pumpkin. This will make it easier to attach the succulents and will not harm their survival, as they will still be able to grow without their roots.

That’s all set! Your pumpkin is now good to go!

To look after succulent pumpkins, water the moss and succulents on top of them once a week or if you see the leaves begin to wilt. These pumpkins can last you weeks, even months, as long as you don’t puncture them.

These plants will thrive in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can cause them to become dried out quickly and can even lead to sunburn.

Once the pumpkin is past its prime, you can carefully transfer the succulents to a garden bed or container and keep them for another year. Make sure to put them in soil and give them a little bit of water every few days so that the roots can get settled in.

Re-phrased: Succulent topped pumpkins are perfect for adding a festive touch to your home, no matter the season! From fall decor to Halloween gifts, Thanksgiving centerpieces to Christmas decorations, these pumpkins can last long enough to be used for many special occasions.


How do you decorate a pumpkin with succulents?

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How do you make a pumpkin with succulents on top?

– Put It Together.

Reworded: – Collect Your Materials. This project requires: a flat-topped pumpkin/ a hot glue gun/ moss/ garden cutters/ and various succulents. …
– Clean It. Utilizing a wet paper towel, clean the pumpkin of any dirt. …
– Dry It. …
– Put On Hot Glue. …
– Attach the Moss. …
– Put the Succulents. …
– Take Away the Lower Leaves. …
– Apply Glue. …
– Assemble.

How do you plant succulents in mini pumpkins?

Cover with more soil and pat gently. Water lightly.

How long do succulent pumpkins last?

Approximately fortnight

What glue to use for succulent pumpkins?

I suggest using floral glue for succulent projects if you can find it, as it often works better than hot glue. However, hot glue is more easily accessible and can also be used. If you opt for a glue gun, make sure to use a hot glue gun instead of a low temperature option; hot glue will provide a stronger bond between the pumpkin and succulents.