Red Hot Poker Plant – Propagation, Care, Flower, Pruning(Guide)

Red Hot Poker Plant – Propagation, Care, Flower, Pruning(Guide)

If you’re seeking for a plant for your yard that will add four moons to your garden, choose the exotic and unusual red hot poker plant. Take a moment to read about this incredible plant, which is perfect for individuals who are just starting out in gardening because it is simple to grow and has a long lifespan.

They resemble torches and occasionally even resemble corn. Many birds, notably hummingbirds, appreciate it because of its thin, stick-like shape. The unique and vibrant bloom color makes your yard appear naturally colorful. One of the incredible torch lily plants, it has a lovely appearance and a long lifespan.

There are more than 69 species of red hot poker plant (Kniphofia). A nectar-rich plant, it may draw moths and butterflies from a great distance. It can withstand the majority of natural situations because it is a highly robust plant.

This plant will display a cheery hue throughout the summer. Because of its yellow blossoms and flame-like appearance throughout the flowering season, some nickname it torch lily.

Let’s look at more details regarding this plant right now.

Background Details

The scientific or biological name of the red hot poker plant, which is native to South Africa, is Kniphofia. Numerous names for this plant are torch lily, tritoma, poker plant, and knofflers.

It is a member of the newly formed Asphodelaceae family, which is distinct from the big lily family. They can reach a height of approximately 5 feet, or 1.5 meters.

The short, green, grassy leaves of this Red hot poker plant (Kniphofia), which is evergreen, have a height of 11 to 100 cm.

The foliage may be orange, red, pale yellow, or occasionally display two hues. In the summer, from March and November, the flower blooms. They extend out approximately three feet and are simple to grow.

They may readily thrive in full to partial sunshine and require low to moderate watering.

Red hot poker plants are hardy in zones 5b to 9.

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Red Hot Poker Plant Care

For both indoor and outdoor red hot poker plant care, it’s important to have fertile, well-draining soil, provide enough water, have favorable weather, and more. All they require are additional justifications like avoiding overwatering, submerging it, and protecting it from winter harm. It resembles the blossom of an aloe plant very much. It needs shelter from the winter weather, so you can cover its soil’s top layer with a layer of 2 to 3 inches of mulch.

It should not be difficult to remove any leaves you feel have become stale.

Trim between half an inch and two inches from the blossom, and it will grow into a new plant the following spring. It can be beneficial to remove undesirable or dead stems.

By the way, this plant can withstand hot, dry summer days, but it still needs frequent watering to maintain steady growth.

During the summer and drought, Gardner needs to take care not to let this plant run out of water.

It is necessary for these plants to have both well-drained soil and regions that receive direct sunshine in order to be grown in sunny environments.

The following are instructions for growing red hot poker plants:


This plant should be planted in the early spring or the fall. The best times for their general growth are these two seasons.


Applying a thin piece of wood to support the plant and tying it to it is a technique called stalking.

Remember that this wood is fixed so that it will be able to resist a storm. Give this plant good care.

In this case, staking is utilized to maintain the plant’s straightness and fixed location.


For your Red Hot Poker plant, you can use any type of soil, although it would be best if it had good drainage. You should also add some decent fertilizer to the soil before planting the plant to ensure healthy growth. Compost works great for this.

Check out the list of the top 5 fertilizers that is provided below this post.


If you take good care of the Red Hot Poker plant, the blossom will start to deteriorate and the soil will start to wither (dry).

By the way, during the summer months here, it is possible for it to go for extended periods of time without water, but if this happens, it could negatively affect its growth and cause its color to fade.

It needs your care on really hot summer days because the soil might soon dry out.

Every week, you should water this plant, but remember that the soil must be completely dry three to four inches below the earth’s top before you can water it. If you water this plant excessively, it won’t grow as well in the long run.

LM advice: Water your plant liberally on hot days.


Always keep in mind that the soil should be covered with 2 to 3 layers of mulch.

The ideal material to utilize is shredded bark, which is used as mulch by many other plants. Other options include sawdust and bulk straws.

It can keep the soil around your Red Hot Poker plant moist for a few days, and over time the mulch is reincorporated into the soil and helps to improve plant health. With time, it may increase soil fertility.

Note from Plant health is correlated with soil health.


When the plant is 3–5 months old, fertilizer is required.

It needs a lot of fertilizer to grow further so that it may receive healthy nutrients that will boost the plant’s overall growth. Add fertilizer to the soil up to two inches deep, as well as some to the roots.

The fertilizer you can use, which works best on the majority of plants, is organic compost.


These Red Hot Poker plants can grow to a height of 3-5 feet and a spread of about 3-5 feet in about two to three years.

Therefore, put this where it can have up to 3-5 inches of room in a garden. Every year that goes by, it will get bigger and more beautiful.


When the flower blossoms start to fade, red hot poker plants need to be pruned.

To prune the wilted flowers and cut the stem below 1/2 inch from the flower itself, you will need a pair of scissors.

Although it is a simple process, avoid pruning more than that. In order for the plant to grow once more, it is a crucial stage and necessary process.

Don’t worry about pruning your plant’s blossoms; it will sprout again in the early spring.

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Red Hot Poker Plant(Kniphofia) Varieties

The varieties of red hot poker plants are as follows:

1 . Royal Standard

They have a maximum height of five feet.

2 . Little Maid

They have a maximum height of 1-2 feet.

The first two are common varieties; they flower in red and turn yellowish as they age.

3 . Springtime

It features coral and yellowish blooms.

4 . Goldmine

Its blossom is ember-colored.

5 . Tawny King

Its flowers are cream and apricot in hue.

6 . Bees Lemon

Flowers on it are green and yellow.

Best Location to grow Red hot poker plant

Best Location to grow Red hot poker plant

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Red hot poker plant Propagation

You have two options for multiplying this plant (Kniphofia): either buy its seeds or remove its stem.

If you brought the seeds, you must first set them on the top of the potting soil, place the seed about 1/3 inch below the surface, cover the soil, and water them thoroughly to keep the soil moist.

Before it begins to develop a root system, it has to be moist for a few days.

You can divide a plant whose leaves are developed and clip those from its base to learn how to grow red hot poker plant from its stem. Plant it 1-3 inches into the ground to make it stand up straight, or give it a stick to support it. Tie it up with thread, and make sure to water it.

If you take good care of the roots as they begin to sprout once more, it will grow nicely.

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illnesses and pests?

These Red Hot Poker Plants (Kniphofia) should be screened for any concealed snails and slugs since they do not contain disease.

This occurs because slugs and snails enjoy moist soil, which is what happens when you overwater your plant.

Therefore, preserve this plant in a suitable location with adequate sunlight and avoid adding too much water so that the soil can dry rapidly.

The root is also impacted by excessive water, and a fungus disease may develop as a result.

Trimming the plant’s dead leaves or blooms is another crucial step to take in order to ensure good plant growth.

How is a red hot poker plant cared for? When the weather is warm and the plants need water, you must take care of them. Watering is crucial, as is maintaining moisture. To do this, use leaf mold or processed conifer bark as mulch on the soil’s surface to cover the roots. Additionally, red poker plants require pruning every spring; accomplish this by removing any dead leaves; don’t worry, they will regrow.

Top 3 Fertilizer for Red Hot Poker plant

1. All Purpose Plant Food by Miracle-Gro

2. Indoor Plant Food (16 oz)

3. Purpose Granular Fertilizer by Jobe’s Organics

These top three fertilizers are all created organically.



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