Sherman Gardens Succulent Tapestry and Courtyard

I highly recommend a trip to the Sherman Library and Gardens in California. I was particularly taken with the succulent garden, and all the greenery was breathtaking. The succulent tapestry was particularly stunning and very memorable.

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I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful arrangement of Senecio mandraliscae and various other succulents in this section of the garden. I could have stayed there for hours, taking pictures of all the different plants. I did take some time to admire their colors and textures, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of the photos I took in the upcoming Succulent Saturday posts. I particularly liked how the rocks divided the succulents into blocks of various colors, creating a magnificent rainbow effect. It was simply stunning!

If you want to try your hand at making an attractive tapestry of succulents, you can do so using cuttings. Laura Eubanks is a master of tapestry installations, and it’s fascinating that she uses cuttings to create them. All you need to do is plant the cuttings in the ground like you would for a wreath. If you place the cuttings close together, the growth rate will be slower and your tapestry will remain looking great for longer.

At Sherman Gardens, a pergola towered over a stunning patio, encircled with planters of succulents. It was a truly enchanting sight!