Make Money Selling Succulents on Etsy

This post will provide guidance on how to begin making money by creating and selling succulent arrangements you love.

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You may be able to capitalize on a special opportunity if you are passionate about succulents and have the desire to make money online.

Every day, numerous shoppers search for succulents on the web, often preferring to purchase a nicely arranged collection of plants instead of singular specimens.

If you have too many plants to fit in your home, why not try selling them to make some money and have a good time while doing it?

Platforms for Selling Succulents

Let’s take a look at some of the various online marketplaces for selling succulents, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.


This platform is a great way to get a feel for selling succulents and finding out what people like. Joining Facebook groups dedicated to succulent selling can be a great way to start. Just post a picture of your creation, the price, and you will get feedback and orders from potential customers.

You’ll need a method for taking payments, so setting up something like PayPal or Venmo is a good idea.

Some of my preferred succulent-selling collectives are:

1. Succulent Society
2. Succulent City
3. Succulent Market
4. Succulent Shop
5. Succulent Landscapes

    : Exchange, Buy, Sell and Trade Cacti and Succulents.



Etsy handles the difficult aspects of selling, including collecting payments, calculating sales tax, creating attractive sales pages, and connecting you with potential buyers.

Setting up your account is a breeze and won’t take much of your time. All you have to do is pick a name, plug in your details, and you’ll be able to start adding products right away. They’ve made the initial steps of beginning your account very straightforward.

Re-phrased: It is wonderful that Etsy shoppers are looking to buy something, yet it is important to stand out from other retailers in order to increase your sales.

You have to put in effort to market your store if you want to make sales. Etsy cannot do it for you.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is an online shopping platform that enables creators to showcase and sell their products, similar to Etsy. With Amazon’s expansive user base, sellers are presented with a great opportunity to reach a wide audience if their products can get noticed through the search rankings.

Setting up an account on Amazon isn’t as straightforward as it is on Etsy, however, there are a number of tutorials available to assist with the process.

Having attractive and polished images is essential for achieving success on any platform, but it is especially pivotal for success on Amazon.

You need to put in effort to market your store if you want to be successful, the same way you would with an Etsy shop.

Start Your Own Website

This route may be the most challenging of the available choices, yet it is also the most rewarding, as it gives you the opportunity to create something entirely unique.

Setting up an online store on your own website is made simple with services such as Shopify.

Secondly, you have full control over the design, features, pricing, and content of your site.

There are two great benefits to building your own website. Firstly, you can direct people to your own page instead of relying on third-party sites such as Etsy or Amazon. Secondly, it gives you full control over how it looks, the features it offers, the cost of products, and what content you want to display.

The second perk is that your customers are only exposed to your products, without being presented with other vendors’ items that may pull their attention away from your offerings.

To successfully build an online business selling succulents, you’ll need to use one of the many available platforms, as well as possess knowledge of marketing, pricing, customer service, and other aspects of running a business.

Where to Buy Wholesale Succulents

To ensure that your business is successful in selling succulent arrangements, you’ll need to find a reliable supplier of succulents.

I suggest looking for good selections in two places if you’re unable to find what you need locally.

Mountain Crest Gardens is an excellent choice for succulents, boasting a wide variety of plants at very reasonable prices.

I suggest buying their mini plug trays or regular plug trays for the best value. Though they may be smaller than what you usually use for your arrangements, they will grow rapidly and be of the 2-inch size that you generally require in no time. offers great cuttings at an amazing price. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the cuttings I’ve purchased from them.

You may need to send in a check to complete your purchase, but the product is worth the extra effort. Ensure your payment arrives prior to Monday or Tuesday, as that is when the items will be shipped.

After you have been tending to your garden for a while, you will likely have a range of plants of your own to use for propagating. This will save you money and provide you with a beautiful garden to admire!

Be unique, be you!

It’s essential that you stay true to yourself when selling succulents online. Take a look at other vendors for guidance, but make sure the overall presentation is unique and reflective of your own vision. Don’t forget to draw inspiration from sources outside of succulent-related businesses, too.

As you experiment with different approaches, you can hone your style and make it your own. Try out a variety of ideas to find what works best for you and set yourself apart.

Possibility: Perhaps you restrict your plantings to a particular style of container, employing only certain varieties of succulents and completing each arrangement with a unique adornment or marker.

Package and ship things well

Package and ship things well

A lot of the success of your shipping will depend on the type of items you’re sending, but the majority of it will be determined by how well you package them; some methods work better than others.

My friend Mimi from I Dream of Succulents has created a program to teach you the entire process of growing, preparing, and shipping succulents.

Mimi operated an extremely successful Etsy store for a period of 5 years, shipping out more than 2,300 orders of her handcrafted creations!

Many people believed shipping finished arrangements was an impossibility, but Mimi has astounded them by successfully delivering her creations in perfect condition.

She has earned the endorsement of hundreds of customers who have given her the highest ratings.

If you intend to start selling succulents online, you should enroll in her course to avoid having to research the most efficient methods of shipping succulents. She will offer all of the information she has gathered while managing her Etsy store.

Click here for more information on the course!

Have Amazing Customer Service

Reworded: To maintain a regular customer base, it is essential to provide great customer service, like that of the outstanding succulent vendors we collaborate with.

Bonsai Jack has a remarkable track record when it comes to customer satisfaction, having garnered hundreds of five-star reviews across all the platforms they sell on. His dedication to ensuring each and every one of his customers is fully content is clearly evident.

Come up with a plan in advance for handling customer complaints regarding orders that are damaged in shipping, or don’t arrive at all.

It is essential to plan ahead and prevent any issues from occurring, but having a strategy in place for when issues do arise will ensure that both you and your customers remain satisfied.

Price It Right

One of the issues I notice with people who offer succulent arrangements is that they often set their prices without much thought.

In order to make your business a success, it is essential to have a positive financial outcome, not just high sales volume.

Be sure to factor in the time it takes to acquire materials, create products, list items on Etsy, and other related tasks. Additionally, don’t forget to account for the cost of supplies, plant mortality rate, and water used to keep plants healthy.

Benefits of Selling Succulents Online

You may have already experienced success in selling your products at local farmers markets or craft fairs, so you may be questioning the need to expand your sales to the online market.

The advantage of selling online is the freedom it provides. You no longer need to adhere to a specific schedule such as when markets or fairs are open, allowing you to be able to sell any time you want.

If you plan on taking a vacation, let your customers know ahead of time that orders will not be processed until you return.

You may prefer to only make arrangements when they are requested, which eliminates the need to prepare a large number of arrangements and hope that they will all be purchased at the market.

You have to take back any unsold items and store them properly so they can be put back on the market.

When ordering online, there is no need to make prior arrangements, simply process the order when it arrives.

Now that you are aware of the fundamentals of selling succulents online, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. You have the capability to succeed in this venture! Enjoy the journey and take the time to learn new things. The rewards of this endeavor will be worth it.


What is the prettiest succulent?

– The Sansevieria trifasciata, otherwise known as snake plant …
– The Haworthia fasciata, commonly known as zebra plant …
– The Sedum morganianum, also referred to as burro’s tail …
– The Schlumbergera x Buckleyi or Schlumbergera truncata, otherwise known as Christmas cactus …
– The Kalanchoe tomentosa, often known as panda plant …
– The Beaucarnea recurvata, otherwise referred to as ponytail palm …
– The Cleistocactus strausii, commonly referred to as silver torch …

Are blue succulents real?

This beautiful succulent has light blue-green leaves with a hint of pink on the edges. Its rosettes can reach a width of 6 inches, and the plant is covered in a soft, white powdery coating, allowing it to thrive in full sun.

What makes succulents blue?

These pigments are responsible for the change in leaf color.

What is the most sought after succulent?

Is selling succulents profitable?

Succulents may be the simplest plants we grow and could bring us the highest returns.