White Desert Rose – Variegated For Sale, Growing Caring Guide

White Desert Rose – Variegated For Sale, Growing Caring Guide

A succulent plant called the White Desert Rose has long, dark-greenish leaves. These plants develop quickly and strongly into thick stems that resemble bulbs or rhizomes. They can reach heights of 2 to 5 feet with a spread of 1 to 3 feet, depending on the location.

This succulent has a bonsai that is pretty well-liked, gorgeous, and quite eye-catching. Its most appealing feature is its white desert rose blossoms, which have a pinkish border and a bloom color of white. Given that it is a hybrid plant, you could find it challenging to identify its name.

Adenium obesum, sometimes known as the Desert Rose or the variegated variation. These plants are indigenous to Africa, particularly the Sahel and the East.

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Plant Information:

Variegated VarietyDesert Rose
Plant TypePerennials
NativeThe Sahel, East Africa
USDA hardinessZone 10 and Warm Locations
Stem StructureBulb type
Height2-5 feet
Wide1-3 foot
LightBright Indirect Light, Partial sun
FertilizerLiquid soluble
ToxicHorses, Dogs, Cats,

Adenium obesum succulents are susceptible to damage from seasonal changes, weather changes, or moving them to a location with lower temperatures. There is a loss of leaves as a result, but don’t panic; with the right care, they will grow back.

They occasionally need to be moved inside whenever there is a lot of humidity or really cold weather because they can’t tolerate this much frost. If you reside in Zone 10, they can endure temperatures of 30°F or higher, but not lower.

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White Desert Rose Care

Watering and insect control are crucial for these gorgeously flowering succulents because this is where most issues begin. Succulent fertilizer can be used to solve other issues, such as the white desert rose’s nutrition deficit. Let’s look at some caring advice:


White Desert roses require a full watering the first time, and then before watering them again, feel the soil with your finger to see if it is dry or not. This succulent abhors standing in standing water and damp ground.


Since they require little light to thrive, you can give them some afternoon sun, but avoid giving them direct sunlight because the scorching heat could damage the foliage. Place them in a place with filtered or partial sunlight. A window that faces south may be an excellent choice.

where there is sufficient daylight for the day.


Likes White Desert Make sure pots or containers have enough holes for water to drain and use well-draining soil. To create well-drained soil for my succulents, I utilized the below mix.

Soil Blend:

20% perlite or pumice

60% of cactus and succulent soil

20% coarse sand

Pests and Diseases

You can simply apply pesticide to treat the problem of spider mites, scale, or mealybugs in white desert.

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As feeding plants can provide them with nutrients for further growth, fertilizer can be applied in spring and summer to ensure that our succulents never suffer from a nutritional shortage. If grown outdoors, you can use water soluble fertilizer once a month. They require it every two weeks inside.

They require phosphorus-rich plant food in order to build their blossoming. Miracle grow 10-52-10, which is primarily for floral plants, is what I’m using. They might be utilized in your garden bloomers as well.

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Poisonous / Toxic

According to The State of Queensland & ASPCA, these succulent plants are harmful to dogs, cats, and horses and exhibit symptoms such as depression, diarrhea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and low blood pressure if ingested. If you have pets in the house, you need exercise greater caution as the white desert rose is deadly in all parts.

White Desert Rose Succulent

White Desert Rose Succulent

White Desert Rose for Sale

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