Hoya – Care Guide & Info

Hoya is loved as houseplants because of its looks. They are plants that grow gracefully with beautiful leaves. These leaves are beautiful, but most will bring the Hoya into the home because of the blooms.Hoya in nature has a very vast habitat. There are species found in China, Australia and Indonesia, among other places. The… Continue reading Hoya – Care Guide & Info

Elephant’s foot (Beaucarnea Recurvata) – Care Guide & Info

The Elephant’s Foot, officially known as Beaucarnea Recurvata, is a tropical looking houseplant. It has the funny nickname “Elephant’s Foot” because of its stem. The way the plant is in the ground, it looks like there is no plant, but an elephant’s leg in the planter. Now that’s a unique plant! Like the elephant, this… Continue reading Elephant’s foot (Beaucarnea Recurvata) – Care Guide & Info

Tradescantia – Care Guide & Info

There are many varieties of Tradescantia. Most of them have something special like purple leaves or multiple colors on one leaf. This group of plants is known by several nicknames. A well-known nickname is Father Plant. Others know Tradescantia by the nickname “Inch Plant”. The reason? With proper care, these plants grow quite quickly, sometimes… Continue reading Tradescantia – Care Guide & Info