Polyscias – Care Guide & Info

The Polyscias is a collection of large houseplants, native to Africa and Asia. The plant gets its name from a compound of the two Greek words “Poly” (many) and “Scias” (shade). In its original habitat, therefore, the Polyscias provides much needed shade. Incidentally, these plants are also called Aralia.As houseplants, they are popular because they… Continue reading Polyscias – Care Guide & Info

Calathea – Care Guide & Tips

The Calathea is a very popular houseplant. There are many different varieties available, all equally beautiful. The leaves are oval or oblong, purple or green, but all with a beautiful pattern. Every Calathea species shares the same special feature: the plant moves! In the evening a Calathea will close its leaves. In the morning they… Continue reading Calathea – Care Guide & Tips

Monstera – Ultimate Care Guide

Monstera plants are known by several nicknames. The most famous one is called the Hole plant. This nickname is due to the characteristic holes and notches in the leaves. In English, therefore, a common nickname is Swiss Cheese Plant. The genus name Monstera is derived from the Greek word for “abnormal” because of these leaves.… Continue reading Monstera – Ultimate Care Guide

Banana plant – Care Guide

Leaves and growth habit The growth is interesting to watch. The banana leaf first appears rolled up. very thin, sometimes it looks just like a string. Then it rolls out into an impressive leaf. The new leaf is usually larger than the previous leaves. Banana plant care The care of the Banana plant is not… Continue reading Banana plant – Care Guide