How to Plant Succulents in a bird bath

If your bird bath is in need of a makeover, try adding some succulents to it! This will help to bring life back to the water feature and make it look more vibrant.

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I suggested to my mom last fall that it would be a great idea to have succulents planted around the bird bath in her garden, which has been in her garden for a while.

I did not plant the seeds well and, as they are only watered by rain, some of them perished. However, a considerable number of them lived and appear to be doing well.

I inquired to my friend about the possibility of turning her bird bath into a succulent garden, to which she happily agreed! I have long admired the beautiful photos of this unique style of gardening, and am excited to finally try it out for myself.

This project was a great success and I’m pleased with the outcome. The most challenging aspects were drilling a hole in the bird bath and working outside in the blazing afternoon heat. Not the ideal conditions for planting!

You will need the following items in order to complete this project:

    A bird bath (similar to the one provided in the link) filled with succulent soil (as discussed in the post) and planted with Sempervivums and Sedums will require a drill and a diamond tip drill bit.

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If you’re not familiar with drilling a hole in the bottom of a bird bath for drainage, I suggest following a video tutorial. I used a diamond tip drill bit to do this, and it worked well.

Begin by pouring a small amount of water into the bird bath to keep the bit and surface moist. Begin drilling at an angle and slowly straighten out the bit as you drill deeper.

This was the most difficult part of setting up the bird bath – making sure it had at least one hole to allow water to drain away.

I only dug a single hole in the bird bath since it is shallow and the water will evaporate quickly. This way, the water won’t accumulate for an extended period of time.

I suggest that you mound the soil in the middle of the drainage hole after it has been filled in order to create more elevation.

Instead of having a level surface, I mounded the soil to form a hill and used mostly cold hardy Sempervivums and Sedums, which are not very tall, to create a pleasing design.

I went to a local store and got a big Sempervivum as the main feature of my garden. I was able to select one that was large and had several smaller ones around it.

Following that, I planted some Sedums that could withstand the cold around the borders.

I complemented the rest of the space with additional Sempervivums.

Once I put all my plants in, I added the finishing touch by sprinkling a layer of top dressing over the exposed soil. I’m a big fan of this extra step as it really adds to the overall design and makes it look finished.

I’m very pleased with the result of this project and I’m sure my mom will love it for her early birthday gift. I hope this encourages you to liven up your outdoor area with something creative. Have you tried adding succulents to a bird bath? If so, I’d love to get a glimpse of your work!

Revised: Check out this post to see how this bird bath filled with succulents has survived and find out what I did to help it flourish.


How do you make a succulent garden out of a bird bath?

Re-phrased: Ensure the birdbath is even by leveling it. Put a layer of rock at the bottom for drainage. Fill it with succulent potting soil and make a mound in the center. Place the succulents and spread rocks across the topsoil. You now have a homemade succulent birdbath garden.

What plants will grow in a bird bath?

A few good planting options for your garden are succulents, sedums, strawberries, annuals, and vines. For a unique look, consider making a miniature or fairy garden with miniature plants, or add a water fountain and a small water garden to a container.

What can I put in a bird bath?

A birdbath can be easily maintained by mixing nine parts water to one part vinegar and emptying the water every two days. This solution is safe for the birds that use it and will keep the bath looking clean and inviting.

How do you grow succulents without drainage?

– 1.) Place a layer at the bottom of the pot.
– 2.) Sprinkle a layer of charcoal.
– 3.) Place a layer of succulent and cactus soil.
– 4.) Top with worm compost.
– 5.) Allow the succulents to settle.

How do you plant plants in a bird bath?

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