Why did my succulent change colors?

If you take good care of your succulents, you may observe that their color changes. This is perfectly normal! Discover what may be causing the color variation.

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When you check out succulents online, you’ll likely see them presented in a variety of vivid hues. Right after you buy them, they’ll usually retain their brilliant colors. Nonetheless, with time, these shades tend to dull or transform. In my experience, many succulents become a shade of green after a couple of months. This is a natural occurrence and can be due to a range of factors.

Amount of Light

If they don’t get enough light, they will start to lose their vibrancy.

When planted in areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight, such as in the shade or indoors, the flowers will gradually become more green in color. This doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy, as they will still be able to thrive and reproduce, but they will remain green until they are exposed to more direct sunlight.

This “Jade” plant is so distinct! The side that receives direct sunlight all day is much more vibrant and has more pronounced red tips compared to the shaded side. It’s amazing to see such a drastic difference in coloring.

In the full sun plant, you can see more vivid variegation and hints of yellow, whereas in the one in the shade, these colors are more muted.

Perfect Watering

Perfect Watering

When I kept the plant adequately watered in a comfortable temperature, it kept a dark green hue. When I neglected to water the plant and the soil had been arid for a few weeks, the foliage shifted to a more pale green shade with reddish-orange tips.

In the images below, the first will be of a plant that is suffering from dehydration and the second will be of the same type of plant that has been given consistent hydration.

If you’d like to experiment with the color of a succulent, try allowing the soil to become more dried out than usual and observe the results.

Cold Temperatures

I went to San Diego in the winter and observed that Euphorbia ‘Sticks on Fire’ had a particularly bright orange hue and the Senecio mandraliscae were a deep blue. It seemed as if the chilly temperatures for an extended period of time brought out the vibrancy of these colors.

I was really impressed by the vibrant hue of this Aloe when I visited the area. It’s remarkable how the cold climate can affect the appearance of succulents!

I’m continually mesmerized by the transformation of succulents depending on how they are cared for. I can’t help but feel jealous when I witness the vibrant succulents in the gardens of southern California!

I strive to give my succulents the sunlight they need, but the indoor environment simply isn’t adequate to maintain their vibrancy and health throughout the year. To ensure their well-being, I allow the soil to dry out regularly and move them outdoors when the weather is suitable.


What color is a dying succulent?

A succulent that is decaying will show signs of blackened leaves from the bottom of the plant, as well as brown or black, mushy stems.

Can succulents get their color back?

Succulents which have been exposed to too much or too little light can regain their vibrancy if they are allowed to adjust over a period of 1-2 weeks. It is recommended to give the plant more time if the difference in light levels was drastic.

Do succulents bloom when stressed?

Striking the right balance between stress and relief is important for promoting healthy growth in succulents. Too much stress can cause a succulent’s blooms to increase, but can also lead to the plant rotting and ultimately dying if left unchecked. Finding a way to regulate stress levels for succulents is key to ensuring their health and longevity.

How long does it take for stress succulents?

One way to subject your succulents to stress and induce rich coloration is to keep them in the dark for four or five days. This will create a similar environment to what they go through when they are shipped in a dark box, which is the cause of the vibrant colors they possess when first purchased from a store.

What color are stressed succulents?

When a succulent is put through a certain level of stress, it may change color and display hues of red, orange, yellow, rose or purple. This type of stress does not harm the plant, but instead allows it to show its full range of vibrant colors.